Vintage Drought Tolerant Garden

Candy and Eric

Testimonial of backyard makeover with Candy and Eric. Anaheim project where half the lawn was removed and planted with drought tolerant plants, pebble pathways and tea house.

Last week we filmed this testimonial, with Candy and Erik, about their backyard makeover. It's the only project I've ever worked on which includes a black panther and Tea House! I enjoyed every bit of it. The uniqueness. The loose lines. Re-imagining the old fountain into a 'fountain' dripping with succulents. The cool red chairs.

Our inspiration started with those candy red chars paired with aqua blue plants. Vintage style to work with their 1950's historical house. Nothing overdone. We removed half the lawn to make room for more drought tolerant plants. Texture. Movement. The Tea House floats on the 'water' of blue Senecio repens. Smooth gravel pathways.

In time, the Tea House will be draped with branches of Acacia cognaata and the Cericis 'Forest Pansy' will block the neighbors roofs.

And grasses will grow tall enough for Junior, the cat, to hide.

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