Taking Advantage of Lawn Removal Rebate


Dead lawn removed. Replaced with interesting plants.

Last week we finished this little project in Brea. "It's barely grass, mostly weeds," Harriet said, "And I want to use that program where the county pays me to take it out." There were stipulations to this design: 1) Minimal plants; 2) the final surface had to stay put when she used her blower to clear the pine needles; 3) if possible, use some of her late husbands cactus plants; and 4) leave enough open space for her many large Halloween and Christmas decorations.

The time frame was very fast. From the time we first met, the City gave the ok on the project, and all was installed, it was less than four weeks.

We planted three of her late husband's plants. Everything is extremely drought tolerant. Between the open spaces of decomposed granite and the large rock swirl, there is plenty of space for decorations. You may notice a few ghosts already in the trees. After we have a bout of Santa Ana winds, the pine needles will blow right off.

I bet the rebate check is already in the mail.

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