Pretty Drought Tolerant Front yard


Drought tolerant plants replace lawn and old shrubs.

This front yard was planted about two weeks ago. I mention this because most of these plants will double in size, and some a little more. When it is filled in, the mulch won't be obvious and the dry rock creek will be a secondary part of the overall look. The Ceanothus in the 'creek' will grow tall and be shaped into a small tree. When the blooms are in full swing, the yard will be full of purple, red, charchuse, and orange. Vibrant and very pretty.

I receive calls from homeowners who want to change out their lawns to California friendly plants to take advantage of the Rebate & Incentive programs offered by Municipal Water District of Orange.

Often, the next question is, "Can it be pretty? I don't want a desert look." YES! There are amazing choices. Endless, really. In this small yard we planted Salvia clevelandii 'Winefred Gilman', Leucadendron 'Safari Sunset', and Euphorbia 'Portugese Velvet', among other vibrant plants.

Drought tolerant landscapes are pretty.


BEFORE - Old shrubs and lawn.

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