Keeping Design Integrity

When the plans are done and the contractor is hired, my work is not finished. This is Phase II and I offer my services to make sure the design intent is staying true. I’m using a recent build example to make my point.

Keeping the design true

The contractor had built the small raised planting beds in the correct place, but they lacked the nuances shown in the drawing. This particular design has no straight edges and none of the ‘shapes’ are quite expected. When the builder created these planters, they were perfectly even. That just blew up in the face of this client who wanted nothing typical. The client called me early one morning and said, It doesn’t look right. I called the contractor and we met there in about an hours time, with the client. Using orange paint, I drew where the edges of the planters needed to be. The walls were taken down and built again. Know that nothing was drastically different, but these subtle changes made all the difference. Now these little walls have style and interest – they are not rubber stamped. This is what is meant by keeping the ‘Integrity of the Design.‘

Wall with stone

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