I Wanted Everything!!

Yesterday was a day out of the ordinary. I drove into West Hollywood with my friend and interior designer Alisia Moffett of Domani Designs(www.domanidesigns.com) to ‘shop’ at the Pacific Design Center. I’ve been there before with the APLD and at that time we looked at the many outdoor lounges, tables and fabrics, which was super fun. BUT this time I allowed myself to ogle over the amazing interior stuff with a designer who has projects to talk about. Super-duper fun! We spent the most time in a tile store and ….well…since our bathroom needs to be re-vamped completely, I fantasized about how I would use all this amazing and glorious tile, stone, glass, cement…ahhh. How to decide! (I caught a glimpse of how over-whelming a trip to a nursery can be for my clients.) I did get tuned-in to a few new finishes to be used outdoors. Very fresh and for another post.

We lunched at the Design Center on Sashimi and we couldn’t decide if we had a waiter or waitress. Hmmm. So West Hollywood.

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