Get Out of the Lawn Rut


Since the OC Register ran the story on 'Landscaping by Rebate,' (Click here for OC Register article) my phone has been ringing off the hook from homeowners looking to cut their water use by replacing lawn with drought tolerant plants.

This isn't new to my radar. Clients have been asking for drought tolerant and water-wise gardens for years. But the serverity of the California drought has caused more to move forward with actually doing it.

For the sake of design, let's change gears a bit. Gardens with no lawn or substantially less lawn are not only cost savers, they are pretty....and interesting. Drought tolerant gardens save water and santiy.

Open your mind to the possibilites. A meandering path through flowing grasses that lead to a bench where you can watch the birds fly in and around the garden. Listen to the quick wings of the hummingbirds as they drink from the purple salvia. See the colorful butterflies dance all over.

Plant a meadow. Plant a meadow with low places to hold the rainwater to give it time to seep into the ground.

Get out of the lawn rut, don't be complacent, and delight in the beauty of our California landscape.

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