An Elegant Outdoor Room


When I first met with Courtney and Michael, they were desperate for a re-do of the back. The space is small, which we couldn’t do anything about, yet creating more living area was a must. The first thing to do is change the perspective: think large European courtyard – not small yard. No turf grass. Instead, a large entertaining area.

Another issue to be addressed was view of the neighbors roofs, telephone poles and wires. Raised planters immediately raise the height of plants and trees. The design of the planters is geometric for style and to have enough space to plant Japanese Maples. The fireplace creates a destination and it is purposely not set in the corner. This key element can be enjoyed as a ‘living room’ conversation with comfy chairs or by moving the dining table near, a perfect back drop for an elegant dinner party.

The pavers are set at a diagonal to give the illusion of more space. In a few years the Japanese maples will create a gorgeous canopy, the Metrosideros ‘Springfire’ will grow tall behind the fireplace where its orange flowers will accent the stone.

It’s a peaceful place to be with music playing from hidden speakers and hummingbirds visiting.

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