A True Contemporary Garden


Three years was long enough. The contemporary house, with its clean lines and monochromatic theme, was finished...yet...the gardens were bare.

Low maintenance. Drought tolerant. Succulents, not 'tightly' planted. Rocks. Black, grey, and white patterns.

When 'sinking-in' to this design, it was artist Piet Mondrian and his gift of simplifying the subjects of his paintings down to the most basic vertical and horizontal elements that inspired me.

The long raised planter was divided with lines to create shapes. Asymmetrically balanced. Each shape holds one type of plant, evenly, yet widely separated. Each shape holds one of the three colors of rock. A methodical modern garden design.

The front design, kept the same thought, yet the shapes were not clean rectangles. Still, by pulling from the existing lines of the driveway, we continued the element of balanced symetry.


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